Aquae Iasae

Aquae Iasae 1
Aquae Iasae 2
Projekt: Aquae Iasae
Lokacija: Varaždinske Toplice, Hrvatska
Razdoblje: 2005
Opis posla: stručni nadzor
Investitor: Ministarstvo kulture
In today's Varaždinske Toplice, the oldest and most famous thermal resort in Croatia, the remains of the roman settlement Aquae Iasae, built on the habitat of the Pannonian-Illyrian tribe of Iassae(Iassi) and named after it, are situated. The settlement was on it's peak in the 2nd and 3rd century and at the end of the 3rd. it was devastated by the Goths. The remains of the settlement show the roman building techniques. The archeological research conducted in the period from 1952-1982 found several construction phases of the thermal centre with a habitation. Usually the public and cultural contents of these complexes were situated along the spring itself and according to this here the remains of roman representative public architecture (the spa with pools and drainage system with basilica hall with exedra, the forum and capitol) were found. They are situated on the topmost terrace of the thermal resort hill closely connected with the thermal spring of sulfurous water and due to the decline of the ground from the spring to the south, the bathing contents were always situated on the south of the spring in order to supply themselves easily with water.
To the order of the Archeological Museum in Zagreb and the necessities for the perservation and open presentation of the archeological site of the roman thermal resort buildings and the basilica hall in Varaždinske Toplice, a porch of wooden plate carriers with the covering of transparent lexan was made.

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