Cromaris fish spawning centre in Nin

Cromaris fish spawning centre in Nin 1
Cromaris fish spawning centre in Nin 2
Cromaris fish spawning centre in Nin 3
Cromaris fish spawning centre in Nin 4
Cromaris fish spawning centre in Nin 5
Project: Cromaris fish spawning centre in Nin
Location: Nin, Croatia
Period: 2015 - 2016
Job Description: construction supervision

In order to achieve the target of increasing fish and shellfish production by 2020, to more than 10,000 tons, a new spawning building was needed. The new spawning building is located on a construction plot of 17,982 m2. Particularity of this construction site is that it is based entirely on columns. Due to the damp ground floor it was necessary to build on 14 to 22m deep columns, with a complex frame steel structure.The ground floor and first floor building have 9,430.6 m2 of gross surface, the projected green area is 4608 m2. In order to meet the Spatial Plan of the Town of Nin, the largest designed height to the upper roof is 6.8 m.
After the building construction was done, the technology of the fry development has been incorporated.

Interkonzalting d.o.o. has supervised all electrical and mechanical installations, pool techniques, automatic regulation, sea water filtration, attest documentation control and commissioning.

The great architectural challenge was to visually fit the building plant into the environment of the medieval town with Velebit mountain background. For this reason, the plastered facade covers a series of three-row galvanized tubes fixed to the metal carrier to provide a "twig" structure that helps to fade the building with a natural environment. In the building environment are increased silhouettes of local birds made of steel. The project was nominated for the award of the Association of Croatian Architects "VIKTOR KOVAČIĆ" for the most successful achievement in all areas of architectural creation for 2015.


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