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Structure and Composition of the Consultant's team.

Project management and technical supervision will require a team of professional staff qualified and experienced in construction and supervision and working under the leadship and oversight of a team leader (The Project Manager (PM)). The Consultant’s team shall perform services in the areas:

• Construction management
• Technical Supervision of quantity and quality of works and related supplies
• Cost control and invoicing
• Oversight and coordination of equipment installation
• Acceptance of completed works and installed equipment from the Contractor (of works) and Suppliers (of equipment) and transfer to the Client.

Scope of Work. The Project Manager (PM) will be responsible for representing the Client’s interests to the Contractor as per duties and responsibilities of the Project Manager specified in the Civil Works Contract (CW Contract) for the duration and within the limitations of the CW contract and completion of installation of equipment and for routine monitoring of the following:

Construction management and Supervision of quantity of works and supply of equipment involves:

• Managing the construction process
• Monitoring and supervising progress of works
• issuing/approving variation orders as needed/required, taking periodic measurements as required
• Establishing remuneration for varied works
• Reporting on overall upgrade works, quality and cost
• Liaisoning between the Contractor, Employer (Client) and Designer on an on-going basis
• Clarifying queries on the Contract Data and approved designs
• Preparing and managing regular stakeholders operational meetings on site (not les than every 7 days), producing minutes of the meeting for the Client
• Monitoring and updating Time-schedule of civil works based on the Contract and proposals by the Contractor
• Creating a positive and professional environment for all involved in the project, acting as a first line arbitrator in case of disputes and conflicts
• Monitoring wellfare and safety on site as required by Croatian applicable regulations
• Preparing and performing temporary acceptance of the upgrade works and installations in functionality
• Coordinating final acceptance of the civil works and equipment installations by the Employer (Client) form each completed building, including transfer to the Client all required by the CW Contract final designs and documentation (including operating manuals) and Certify preliminary and final completion
• Preparing all required documentation for Technical Ass
• Determinating the list of potential bidders
• Checking the credit worthiness of potential bidders before the invitation to bid
• Preparing tender documents for the bid
• Organizing the tender, bid analysis, and proposal of the best bidder
• Proposing operational system for the work as agreed with the administrative and technical service, including the performance schedule for the project
• Proposing Building contract with General Conditions and Special Conditions
• Adopting operational plan as part of the Building contract
• Introducing the contractor to the job
• Co-ordinating all contractors on the site
• Reviewing all invoices
• Performing preliminary technical inspection
• Determinating potential defects and the proposal to rectify them before the technical inspection
• Client counselling
• Monitoring the status of documents, contracts and works for the possible connection of the object to the mainline installation (if required by preliminary approvals and special building permits)