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During the last 25 years Interkonzalting has managed to gather prestigious professionals of different profiles and has gained huge experience in applying modern methods in supervision, design, consulting and project management.
All our supervising engineers have license of Croatian Chamber of engineers and great knowledge of Croatian legislation and Building Law. Many projects have been performed under FIDIC contract agreements. Teams consist of architects, civil eng., mechanical and electrical experts. Trough our services we have successfully carried out hundreds of projects in all parts of Croatia among which many public financed, capital infrastructural ones: Public University Library, Croatian Institute for Brain Research, Museum of Contemporary Art, Musical Academy, Museum Narona, Museum Vučedol, Economic, Agronomic and Forestry Faculty, Main Passenger Building on Pleso Airport in Zagreb and similar. 

On the other hand, our private investors trusted us with services of project management, design, construction supervision, cost management, Environmental Impact Assessment Studies and IPPC studies.We have achieved our reputation trough successful participation, development and reconstruction of many social projects in our country, theatres, shopping malls, sport facilities, hotels, banks, warehouses.

For years, Interkonzalting has been fully reliable partner to its investors, which gives this company a tradition of extensive professional experience and knowledge in all areas of its expertise.
“Interkonzalting” d.o.o. is completely independent company, with no influence of contractors, equipment providers, manufacturing and designing companies to its business policy and strategy. We choose the best available and the most advantageous methods to save money and time.