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The supervision comprises legal obligations (Building Act and other acts) and the control of:

• use of funds according to their designation, schedule and amount (control, survey, diaries, situation, price difference, calculation of unplanned and subsequent work, realisation of the planned financing schedule, use of funds regarding the investment programme, manhours of staff and machinery, undertaking of appropriate measures if it is estimated that the investment amount will be exceeded)

• Scheduled maintenance (starting times, monitoring of work progress according to operative plan, intervention in the case of departure from the plan, check whether the site has adequately qualified staff and relevant machinery in accordance with the operational plan, a survey of possible financial corrections of the plan, interim control etc)

• performance quality (visual inspection, control and rewiew of documentation whereby the contractor proves the quality regarding the testing and frequency results, review of the contractors on-site laboratory, presence at sample testing, takeover of work, inspection of the contractors and subcontrators off-site work, like reinforcing shop, concreting shop, asphalt base, separation, etc, equipment takeover, control testing organisation, by experts as required, measures to eliminate defects, etc.)

• construction in accordance with the building permit and execution design (control of spot heights and lengths, elevations, radii, utilisation of material in accordance with the design, execution of the building in accordance with the design, clarification of design ambiguities, etc.)

• others (control of data posting in the building records, result verification, different reports and analyses, arrangement of tehnical documents for technical inspection, co-ordination of works of individual construction factors, participation in the delivery and final settlement of accounts and other jobs of authorised by the client)

During the supervision, the supervision engineers shall:

• check whether the work is performed in accordance with the building permit and the valid regulations
• co-ordinate the work of all parties to the construction who are directly contracted with the client
• do the supervision daily and promptly with the performance schedule
• prepare relevant reports for the client on the status of work, use of funds, schedule and quality ot the work done
• give appropriate orders to the contractor for specific work in order to eliminate deficiencies, to avoid serious consequences which would appear if the work was not done
• prepare reports for technical inspection and participation during the technical inspection
• provide the certificate of occupancy
• delivery to the client after all the defects have been eliminated
• control of the object during the warranty period

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