Clinical Hospital Sv. Duh

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Project: Clinical Hospital Sv. Duh
Location: Zagreb, Croatia
Period: 2017-2022
Job Description: construction supervision
Client: Zagrebački holding d.o.o.


Interkonzalting d.o.o. is responsible for construction supervision of the Clinic Hospital Sv. Duh complex reconstruction i.e. construction of a day hospital with an underground garage total area of approx. 23,000 m2.
The day  hospital covers an area approx. 8,500 m2 and includes several technological units - internal medicine (hematology, nephrology, endocrinology, cardiology, gastroenterology, pharmacology) and neurology, surgical section with four operating rooms (general surgery with otorhinolaryngology, orthopedics, urology and ophthalmology); anesthesiology section for the needs of surgical activities, gynecological section for the needs of human reproduction and medically assisted fertilization, and therapeutic section for the needs of physical medicine and rehabilitation. The day hospital also provides all the necessary outpatient specialist and diagnostic capacities necessary for the efficient performance of the activities of the day hospital and one-day surgery, as well as the capacities of the hospital pharmacy and non-medical services.
The construction of an underground garage of 14,500 m2 provided 477 parking spaces.


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