Veliki Tabor

Veliki Tabor 1

Project: Veliki Tabor
Location: Desinić, Hrvatska
Period: 2009 – 2011
Job Description: site supervision
Client: Ministry of Culture

A medieval town probably established by the Ratkaj family, after they obtained the ownership over a part of Zagorje region in 1502. Afterwards, it was encompassed by the thick walls with four wide semicircular towers. The upper floor lies on a series of consoles. The town has not been remodelled to a great extent, so that it has kept its original appearance. The Late Gothic and the Renaissance details have been preserved on the town walls: stone-mason's coat of arms and insignia, distyle, bay windows, two-storey arcade porches in the courtyard.
The disturbed statics of the building has demanded the foundations improvement. The stone one-piece pillars have been successively removed, and after the improvement of the foundations, the base and the pillars themselves have been returned to their position or substituted with the new ones. The protection measures have represented the most delicate intervention, since the taking over of the load had to be secured during the reconstruction. The first-storey gallery bearing frame has been under construction.

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