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Project: Music Academy Zagreb
Location: Zagreb, Croatia
Period: 2008 -
Job Description: site supervision
Client: City of Zagreb
Academy for Music University of Zagreb is largest and oldest musical institution in Croatia. History begans in 1829, when musical school was established as a part of Musikvereina (Tonschule des Agramer Musikvereines). In 1916 musical school became Croatian Conservatoire temporal musical collage (Croatian Conservatoire). During this period, numerous subjects are introduced, and studies expanded. 1921. name was changed in Royal Conservatoire, and 1922. another change has been made, in Royal Music Academy. After WWll, Academy was transferred in higher educational institution, and 1979. become a member University of Zagreb.
New building Academy for Music University of Zagreb
City of Zagreb has donated former Ferimport building for reliance on 100 years, contract for new building worth 100 mil. Kunas was signd and after 90 years Music Academy was placed in his own location. Projects were done by Arch. M.Šoštarić. New building contains two underground and seven floors above ground, for all Academy departments, library, cabinets, rehearsal classes and two Concert halls.

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