Museum of neolithic culture Vučedol

Museum of neolithic culture Vučedol 1
Project: Museum of neolithic culture Vučedol
Location: Vučedol , Croatia
Period: 2010 -
Job Description: site supervision and consulting
Client: Ministry of Culture
The archaeological park with the archaeological museum building is currently under construction at the archaeological site of Vučedol near Vukovar. The park and museum are built in the scope of the international project for renovation and revitalization in Vukovar. The main building will be situated on an elevated ground above the Danube. The museum and park will be fully consecrated to the Vučedol culture that had spread from these areas. In museum old artisanal workshops will be reconstructed, and a megaron, i.e. a foundry which was probably used as acropolis, will be renovated. The Streim Villa will also be renovated in the scope of the museum, and will be used as a separate research centre. It is an Indo-European culture that was at its peak in the European area from 3000 to 2400 B.C. They were familiar with movement of stars and used pictographic writing. In addition, they had characteristic and highly valued ceramics, and a developed metallurgy.

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