Arheološki muzej u Zagrebu

Arheološki muzej u Zagrebu 1
Arheološki muzej u Zagrebu 2
Arheološki muzej u Zagrebu 3
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Projekt: Arheološki muzej u Zagrebu
Lokacija: Zagreb, Hrvatska
Razdoblje: 1995
Opis posla: stručni nadzor
Investitor: Ministarstvo kulture
Arheological museum is established 1864, located in historical palace Vranyczany-Hafner in park Zrinjevac. Museum fundus includes 460 000 predmeta in numerous collections. Collections contains artifacts from pre-hsitory ages, stone and iron period, Greek and Roman era, Egiptian and Etruscian era, medieval era. Also, in Museum is numismatic collection and comprehensive library, with more than 50000 books.
In Museum courtyard is lapidarium collection form Roman age. Museum is also responsible for archeological Park Andautonija in Šćitarjevo (antique city form 1 to 4th century).
INTERKONZALTING d.o.o. was responsible for construction and installation works supervision and coordination, planning and cost control, health and safety supervision, design review, technical assistance to the client for equipment selection. Support was also given during the works and equipment procurement stage.

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